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Online accounting for Cyprus 


We understand how things are working here : )
No headache or extra bucks.

TidyBooks combines the power of automation
with the best of human support.

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No manual entry anymore

Connect safely your banks accounts from anywhere in the world (more than 2500+ banks supported).
TidyBooks synchronises with your bank accounts. Your bank automatically and securely transmits your expenses and credits to TidyBooks.

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Automated accounting

TidyBooks allows you to classify and attach documents to your expenses and receipts. Categorize your transactions and let the magic happen.

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2 - Transactions All.png

Get Real-Time Analytics

Keep an eye on important figures which matter for your business

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Watch Demo

Watch Demo

🔀 Sort, Shuffle, Arrange

Instantly organize your documents and transactions to your preferences.

💼 Intuitive Invoice Management

Create, save, edit, search, and delete items to improve your invoicing workflow.

Upload multiple Documents in 2 clicks!

Drag & drop your receipts, invoices, credit notes, and bank statements, optimizing your document workflow with ease.

Search & Filter

Save time by instantly finding documents and transactions by name and filtering them by date range.

and many other features


Track status of your invoices/credit notes
Recurring invoices? No problem
Custom Email Templates (clients in different countries?)

Fiscal Calendar

Be aware in real-time of obligations deadlines 


Share what you want with your accountant


Manage easily all your clients
Auto-Check of their VAT Status


Stay up-to date with non-invasive notifications

Mobile Application

Coming Soon ...

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Become a Better Team, Together.

Our software is designed for people who do not know anything about accounting, do not have time to waste and do not want to make mistakes.
No stress.

How Do We Make Your Entrepreneur Life Easier? 

Helps Save Time & Money 

Makes Information Accessible 

Keeps your Accountant in the Loop 

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

Try Us Out

No credit card needed

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