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Download all your Client's Documents in 2 clicks!

Download all your clients receipts, invoices, credit notes, and bank statements by dates to optimize your workflow with ease.

Export Client’s Transactions as CSV

Get your client's transaction reports, from sales to expenses (CY/EU/NON-EU) in a convenient Excel/CSV file!

🔍 VAT Checker: Ensure Compliance

Verify any VAT number through our direct validation with the European Commission's official database.

Please note 📝
Each time you add or edit a client, we automatically conduct this verification for you seamlessly.

💱 Currency Tool: Convert & Swap with ease


Access real-time or historical exchange rates from the European Central Bank and effortlessly swap between currencies.

Search & Filter

Save time by instantly finding your clients data and filtering them by date range.

and many other features



  • Each of your employee can focus on what really matters without headache:
    Global view for Unapproved Transactions of their clients portfolio

  • Upcoming Calendar Events to take care

  • Internal Reminders


Be aware and update the tax fiscal calendar


  • ​Company & employees information

  • Internal Reminders

  • XLSX Export for Transactions

  • eSoft & Intellisoft compatible

  • Filter & Search Transactions by origin (EU/non-EU/CY) status (Unapproved/Approved) & dates

  • Vault: Access to all receipts, invoices/credit notes & bank statements and pre-filled VAT

  • Filter, Search & Download Documents between a range date in 1 click

  • Bank Accounts Overview

  • Expenses per category for a range date

  • Track Social Insurance Payments

  • Track Payments for your services

  • Track VAT returns done for this client

  • Send BULK Emails to customers


  • View, Edit, Inspect all your clients transactions

  • Inspect & Send an automatic email with pre-filled transaction details in case of a question


Manage all your employees in one place: their information and assign them a specific clients portfolio


Check the status of any VAT number


Convert currencies with up-to-date exchange rate (or on a specific date)

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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